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Cammie Layered Disc NecklaceCammie Layered Disc Necklace
Camilla Star and Moon NecklaceCamilla Star and Moon Necklace
Cameron Rhinestone Necklace (2 Colors!)Cameron Rhinestone Necklace (2 Colors!)
Cambria Layered Arrowhead Necklace (2 Colors!)Cambria Layered Arrowhead Necklace (2 Colors!)
Calypso Interlinked Ring NecklaceCalypso Interlinked Ring Necklace
Calloway Chain NecklaceCalloway Chain Necklace
Calloway Chain Necklace Sale price$ 17.00
Calista Layered Chain NecklaceCalista Layered Chain Necklace
Caldwell Layered Chain NecklaceCaldwell Layered Chain Necklace
Caimbrie Rhinestone Chain Necklace (2 Colors!)Caimbrie Rhinestone Chain Necklace (2 Colors!)
Cailyn Pearl Y NecklaceCailyn Pearl Y Necklace
Cailyn Pearl Y Necklace Sale price$ 18.00
Cadence Layered Rhinestone NecklaceCadence Layered Rhinestone Necklace
Cade Tiger Head NecklaceCade Tiger Head Necklace
Cade Tiger Head Necklace Sale price$ 16.00
Barker Stretchy Bead Necklace (3 Options!)Barker Stretchy Bead Necklace (3 Options!)
Marigold Initial Necklace (17 Letter Options!)Marigold Initial Necklace (17 Letter Options!)
Marcella Heart Pendant NecklaceMarcella Heart Pendant Necklace
Mara Layered Butterfly NecklaceMara Layered Butterfly Necklace
Sandra Layered Chain Necklace (2 Colors!)Sandra Layered Chain Necklace (2 Colors!)
Sefton Beaded Lariat NecklaceSefton Beaded Lariat Necklace
Sedona Necklace SetSedona Necklace Set
Sedona Necklace Set Sale price$ 17.00
Sandy Hoop NecklaceSandy Hoop Necklace
Sandy Hoop Necklace Sale price$ 17.00
Safara Layered Chain NecklaceSafara Layered Chain Necklace
Georgia Necklace SetGeorgia Necklace Set
Georgia Necklace Set Sale price$ 25.00
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Gauge Layered Tag NecklaceGauge Layered Tag Necklace
Gauge Layered Tag Necklace Sale price$ 18.00
Cherry Layered Chain NecklaceCherry Layered Chain Necklace