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Marcie Necklace SetMarcie Necklace Set
Marcie Necklace Set Sale price$ 18.00
Mahoney Star Choker NecklaceMahoney Star Choker Necklace
Mahler Chain NecklaceMahler Chain Necklace
Mahler Chain Necklace Sale price$ 18.00
Macy Checker Heart Necklace (5 Colors!)Macy Checker Heart Necklace (5 Colors!)
Maclean Necklace SetMaclean Necklace Set
Maclean Necklace Set Sale price$ 17.00
Sadie Mother’s Day Necklace
Sold out
Sabine Pearl Chain NecklaceSabine Pearl Chain Necklace
Sabine Pearl Chain Necklace Sale price$ 17.00
Sabian Snake Chain NecklaceSabian Snake Chain Necklace
Sabian Snake Chain Necklace Sale price$ 17.00
Lara Triple Layered NecklaceLara Triple Layered Necklace
Garland Pearl Layered Necklace (2 Colors!)Garland Pearl Layered Necklace (2 Colors!)
Sold out
Taylor Swift Charm Bracelet and Necklace KitTaylor Swift Charm Bracelet and Necklace Kit
Nadine Layered Chain NecklaceNadine Layered Chain Necklace
Yara Mint Necklace (2 Colors!)Yara Mint Necklace (2 Colors!)
Yaits Long NecklaceYaits Long Necklace
Yaits Long Necklace Sale price$ 18.00
Beth Textured Oval Disc NecklaceBeth Textured Oval Disc Necklace
Bess Pearl and Chain NecklaceBess Pearl and Chain Necklace
Bernice Layered Chain Necklace (2 Colors!)Bernice Layered Chain Necklace (2 Colors!)
Berne Layered Cross Necklace (2 Colors!)Berne Layered Cross Necklace (2 Colors!)
Bellatrix Gold Chain Necklace  (2 Colors!)Bellatrix Gold Chain Necklace  (2 Colors!)
Sold out
Bellamy Layered Rhinestone Necklace (2 Colors!)Bellamy Layered Rhinestone Necklace (2 Colors!)
Belicia Beaded Chain Necklace (2 Colors!)Belicia Beaded Chain Necklace (2 Colors!)
Beile Layered Chain NecklaceBeile Layered Chain Necklace
Bede Rope Knot NecklaceBede Rope Knot Necklace
Bede Rope Knot Necklace Sale price$ 18.00
Becky Layered Necklace Set (2 Colors!)Becky Layered Necklace Set (2 Colors!)